Overcome Test Anxiety

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Rate for Group Session: $39.00

Individual Sessions also Available.

Special Attention to Students this month!

For Adults and Children: Improve test performance…attain higher scores.

Parents: Give your child the gift of freedom from anxiety in the areas of learning and testing.

Your Children will have the ability to reduce their anxiety by themselves after learning a few simple techniques. They can use this skill for the rest of their lives for any issue that causes them distress.

Adults: You may have avoided making career-advancing decisions because there may have been some testing involved. As a result, you may have missed-out on important advances in position and in salary. You most certainly have criticized yourself and felt badly.  This situation can be corrected in a very short time. Join us for a most important group for your future.

Students: You may have worked hard. You may have studied all the material. You may know your subject. You may have prepared very well for your final exam.

Then, it happens! You walk into the room to take your exam and you start to panic. Your breathing may be constricted. Your pulse may be racing. Everything seems to have left your head. You no longer believe in yourself. You have lost the confidence that you had felt earlier. You are experiencing test anxiety.

Your situation may not be so profound as that example, but even a slight increase in anxiety may reduce your performance. Anxiety may your ability to download from your memory or to make clear choices . Each added anxious experience then compounds the fear until eventually, you have the fear of the fear and feel immobilized.

We can help you to correct this issue and give you the tools to break free from this frustrating anxiety. Any person of any age can learn these techniques with ease. You will experience a new confidence and improved self esteem.

Ace those final exams…Get that job…Score high on that licensing exam…Pass your boards…Do the SAT with Ease…

While working with the group,  we will explore old beliefs or ineffective ways of dealing with the stress and emotions around the testing issue, we will identify and change these old views.

This reframing, results in greater objectivity, understanding, self-empowerment and inner peace.

The excessive anxiety will be removed and test performance has been shown to improve dramatically as a result. In addition, the methods will be taught to you so that you may treat yourself at any time for any anxiety issues.

If you prefer you may choose to work 1 to 1 with our highly qualified, advanced practitioner on your issues.

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