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According to numerous polls, the fear of public speaking is the #1 fear in America.

That means that more people fear speaking in front of others than they fear getting cancer or even dying!

Fear of speaking in public for these many individuals creates self-doubt, a lack of self-confidence, and can have a major impact on both personal and professional lives, reducing your chance to connect with people or convey your message. It can mute your ‘voice’.

There are many possible symptoms you may experience if you have a fear of public speaking and they can range from simple avoidance of speaking to guests at a party or avoiding a phone call, to more debilitating symptoms including a pounding heart, palpitations, reddening of the head and neck, hot flushes, excessively perspiring, visual distortions, feelings of unreality, stuttering or being unable to speak, feeling like you have a ‘lump’ in the throat, stomach cramps and nausea, feelings of faintness, and avoidance of eye contact.

There may be additional fears such as fearing criticism, feeling unsafe, or a feeling of terror that the mind will go blank while speaking. There is the fear that one will not be good enough, will fail, fall in front of a group, be embarrassed, or be ridiculed.

Energy Healing Modalities are very effective in clearing past painful memories and other factors which contribute to this very widespread fear.

And, noooo, it does not involve us exposing you over and over again to more painful public speaking events. These are painless methods for overcoming the problem. A lifelong problem can be resolved in just a few short sessions.

So give yourself the gift of freedom from this debilitating condition! Join us at Putnam Healing Arts where you can learn to overcome this problem. Then you will be able to embrace future opportunities to speak your mind and your truth!

While working in the group format,  we will support each other while explore old experiences and beliefs or ineffective ways of dealing with the stress and emotions around the issue, we will identify and change these old views. This reframing, results in greater objectivity, understanding, self-empowerment and inner peace.

The excessive anxiety will be removed. Enthusiasm and fun are restored. As a result, public performance has been shown to improve dramatically. In addition, the methods will be taught to you so that you may treat yourself at any time for any anxiety issue.

So don’t wait any longer. Realize your ability to experience comfort and enjoyment in social gatherings and network events. Allow yourself freedom to speak publicly with no self-conscious, fearful moments. Be relaxed and present in any setting. Call today!

If you prefer you may choose to work 1 to 1 with our highly qualified, advanced practitioner on your issue.

Give yourself the gift of freedom! Allow yourself to succeed!

Remember, bring a friend and get a savings voucher!

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