EFT & Integrated Energy Healing Group

Achieve Your Goals-Release Your Fears with EFT

Group Session-Borrowing Benefits

Upcoming Groups:

Through the Month  for Vets and Families– Veterans with PTSD

Monday Apr 25, 7pm-8:30pm – Emotional Freedom for your Inner Child

Monday Apr11, 7pm-8:30pm – Healing the Internal Critical Voice

Sunday May 16, 7pm-8:30pm– Overcome Test Anxiety

Monday Apr 18 , 7pm-8:30pm – Diabetes,Metabolic Disorders

Monday May 23, 7pm-8:30pm – Diabetes,Metabolic Disorders

Friday May 9, 7pm-8:30pm – Relationships

Monday May 26, 7pm-8:30pm – Fear Public Speaking

Saturday Apr 30, 10am-12 noon pm – Honeybees workshop

Monday Apr 4, 7pm-8:30pm – Stress and the Immune System

Saturday Apr 9, 7pm-8:30pm – Childbirthing with EFT and hypnosis HypnoBirthing

Wednesday Apr 20, 7pm-8:30pm – Introduction to Hypnosis

Friday Apr 8, 7pm- 8:30pmReiki Group Share

Thursday Apr 21, 11:30am-1pm – Healing From World Traumatic Events

Putnam Healing Arts in Carmel, NY 10512 .

A brief introduction to the powerful technique EFT, followed by a mini group session and borrowing benefits.

Join us  for a group healing session on various subjects. EFT or ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ and other mind-body, meridian and chakra-based energy healing techniques that bring together and integrate acupressure, applied kinesiology, visualization, hypnosis, regression and neurolinguistics.

These non-invasive meridian based procedures are like an elegant and simplified form of acupuncture but without the needles. By focusing on an emotional feeling and and touching or ‘tapping’ on a few points on the head and body, You can experience wondrous relief. The acupoints are ‘tapped’ in sequence while you revisit memories, stresses or fears and recall their associated feelings.

You can experience relief without suffering the trauma all over again, which may occur using other modalities. While doing EFT or these integrated techniques, we will also explore old beliefs or ineffective ways of dealing with stress and emotions, identify and change these old views. This reframing results in greater objectivity, understanding, self-empowerment and inner peace.

The sequence of tapping will be reviewed with you so that you may treat yourself, and amplify the group energy by each taking a turn to let the group work with the individual. There is no need even to reveal to the group what your precise issue is. You need only to work on the emotion that you experienced. You may use this introduction as an ongoing healing practice. You may choose also to proceed to a more advanced workshop or an individual session. Give yourself the gift of freedom!

Restore peace and balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Veterans relief from PTSD -for Vets with PTSD

Overcome Test Anxiety

Fear of Public Speaking

Metabolic Disorders-Diabetes, IBS, Arthritis, Gout, Autoimmune disorders…

Metabolic Disorders-Diabetes, IBS, Arthritis, Gout, Autoimmune disorders…

Healing the Inner Critical Voice

Emotional Freedom for your Inner Child, Release old trauma, restore peace and joy.

Understanding Ourselves through our Relationships

Stress and the Immune System

Hypnosis-an Introduction

Hypnosis and EFT for Childbirthing, HypnoBirthing.

HoneyBee Workshop

Reiki Group and Share

Healing From World Traumatic Events

Most groups are $25.00-$35.00 (or else may be donation)price usually includes meeting and light refreshments.

Check the calendar, call or email us for more details.

MiniGroup Session-Borrowing Benefits

If you choose to pay cash to reserve your space email:  mag@putnamhealingarts.com

or call 845 228-8132  .