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Understanding Ourselves Through Our Relationships

As scheduled, see calendar

Do you find yourself repeating the same pattern, drawn into the same negative relationships over and over?  Do you fall into the same arguments with your teen or partner despite your best intentions that this time it will be different? Do you sense you are revisiting the same family dramas today that you had as a child?

In every part of our lives, we are effected by the relationships we have with others, and in turn, effect those around us. Whether it be with a partner, parent, child, sibling, co-worker or friend, there is always the possibility to deepen one’s insight and improve communication.  And yet, the most significant relationship we all experience is that with our inner selves, which is also reflected in the people and environments that make up our lives.

Come explore a workshop that will help you grow in confidence and clarity using creative techniques that nurture the mind, body and spirit.  Learn how to change automatic responses and your reactions; learn how to stop self-sabotaging yourself with your boss or co-workers; how to re-establish a new rapport with others and learn to love and forgive yourself and the mistakes of the past.

Cost: $35 per person, which includes an information packet, and light refreshments.

Or, if you wish to pay cash, you may call or email to reserve your space. or 845-228-8132

We look forward to seeing you!


World Healing

Earth Day


Release negative beliefs



Join us each month at Putnam Healing Arts, Carmel, NY for a potluck lunch where we will discuss universal crisis or global issues. This includes generating practical solutions, whether it be in our own personal crisis or a more global crisis; healing our pain about major catastrophes; sending healing light & love to people, families, victims, and ourselves as local or distant witnesses and survivors. There is no charge for the event- we do appreciate your donations which will be accepted on behalf of ongoing Community Service efforts.

Thank you. We appreciate your participation and your contribution to the potluck lunch. 845-228-8132


Emotional Freedom for the Inner Child

Putnam Healing Arts, Carmel, NY 10512.

We welcome you to a group for connecting with your inner child. In this group we will celebrate by freeing  the ‘Inner Child’ in you, using creative techniques and Meridian Tapping.

You will be getting in touch with the joy of childhood discovery, releasing the blocks to your innate joy by releasing the unhappy memories of your inner child, And in doing so you can experience current healing.

$35 includes light refreshment.

If you prefer to pay cash, you may Call/email reservation. 845-228-8132


Achieve Your Goals-Release Your Fears with EFT

Group Session-Borrowing Benefits

Putnam Healing Arts in Carmel, NY 10512 .

A brief introduction to the powerful technique EFT, followed by a mini group session and borrowing benefits.

Join us  for a group healing session on various subjects. EFT or ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ and other mind-body, meridian and chakra-based energy healing techniques that bring together and integrate acupressure, applied kinesiology, visualization, hypnosis, regression and neurolinguistics.

These non-invasive meridian based procedures are like an elegant and simplified form of acupuncture but without the needles. By focusing on an emotional feeling and and touching or ‘tapping’ on a few points on the head and body, You can experience wondrous relief. The acupoints are ‘tapped’ in sequence while you revisit memories, stresses or fears and recall their associated feelings.

You can experience relief without suffering the trauma all over again, which may occur using other modalities. While doing EFT or these integrated techniques, we will also explore old beliefs or ineffective ways of dealing with stress and emotions, identify and change these old views. This reframing results in greater objectivity, understanding, self-empowerment and inner peace.

The sequence of tapping will be reviewed with you so that you may treat yourself, and amplify the group energy by each taking a turn to let the group work with the individual. There is no need even to reveal to the group what your precise issue is. You need only to work on the emotion that you experienced. You may use this introduction as an ongoing healing practice. You may choose also to proceed to a more advanced workshop or an individual session. Give yourself the gift of freedom!

Restore peace and balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Group Subjects: Click on link below to see more about the subject. Click here to find out when Event Scheduled.

Overcome Test Anxiety

Fear of  Public Speaking

Diabetes, Arthritis, Gout, IBS, + other Metabolic Conditions

Healing the Internal Critical Voice

Healing the Inner Child

Veterans with PTSD

Stress – How it Effects the Immune System

ChildBirthing with Hypnosis and EFT, Hypnobirthing intro


Introduction to Hypnosis

Introduction to EFT

Introduction to BeeKeeping


$25.00-$35.00  includes meeting and light refreshments.

Check the calendar, call or email us for more details.

MiniGroup Session-Borrowing Benefits

If you choose to pay cash to reserve your space email:

or call 845 228-8132.


EFT Individual*Phone Sessions*Email Sessions

Fee structure:

Your payment may be made in cash or check or paypal if you like. The amount should be prepaid and will depend on your choice of session or combination of sessions:

The charge for service is $80-$100 for a one hour session depending on whether:

  • ($100) for personal session, or
  • ($80) for phone/skype/email session.

You may also save  on prepaid sessions:

  • $60 per hour for phone/skype/email session when purchasing 5 prepaid hours (may be used in 20 min or longer intervals).
  • $300 for 5 hours phone/skype/email prepaid sessions(regularly $400),or
  • $250 for 3 hours prepaid in-person sessions(regularly $300).

You may also combine prepaid sessions for example:

  • $250 prepaid= 1 hour person to person plus 3.5 hours phone/skype/email  (regularly $365),or
  • $250 prepaid= 2 hour person to person plus 2 hours phone/skype/email  (regularly $360).

Phone,Skype,Email,1to1 Sessions and Combinations

We offer a special service for Veterans with post-traumatic stress. Contact us for further information.

Session cancellations: If you need to cancel a scheduled session, you must do so no less than 24 hours beforehand or you will be responsible for the fee. This will allow us time to reschedule that appointment slot with another client. Thank you for your cooperation.

We look forward to your joining us here at Putnam Healing Arts and we are grateful that you are letting us share in your journey to healing.
Remember, Improvement is guaranteed!

Call or Email for Appointment and more Information:

Mag: 845-228-8132



Reiki Healing Circle

Putnam Healing Arts, Carmel, NY 10512.

We welcome Reiki practitioners to a  group reiki share of healing and meditation. All levels welcome. Non practitioners please let us know if you are attending so that we will get a balance of practitioners to  non-practitioners. Suggested Donation-$15. Your donation allows us to continue community service works in our area and beyond. Distance Healing Intention goes to Gulf Coast Relief this month.

Includes meeting and light refreshments. Check the calendar for any weather or other cancellations.

If you prefer to pay cash, call or email us for reservation.

For more information: 914-672-1916


Introduction to Energy Healing Techniques

Available to speak to your group or organization.

Each month, a variety of techniques from throughout the world will be explored which focus on the balancing, restoring or enhancing of the Human Energy Field.

We will be looking at some of the many techniques that have been in use over thousands of years, such as Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese or Ayurveda (India) systems, as well as in hundreds of indigenous systems of energy or ’spiritual’ healing.

We will also look at some modern day techniques (many of which are integrated to combine with some of the older techniques in different ways).

These include: EFT; Meditation; Acupressure; Touch For Health Kinesiology; Craniosacral; Polarity Therapy; Healing Touch; Quantum Touch; Therapeutic Touch; Reiki; Jin Shin Jyutsu; Hypnosis; Sound Therapy; Light Therapy; Shamanic Journeying; Dream Quest; Life Coaching.

This introduction to energy therapies will be presented each month. Check the calendar, call or email us for more details and reservation.  $25.00 includes meeting and light refreshments. 845-228-8132