Acupressure Points and Chakras for EFT


Here’s a simple Energy breathing method that works by combining the Ancient Chinese and Ancient Indian Energy Systems with Directed Breathing.

This process can really help out when we’re not able to put words to our feelings, or when we are feeling ‘tapped out.’ There are no EFT set up or tapping statements to figure out. The best part is, it’s very easy to do…when we want a simple restorative, or even when we’re overwhelmed.

Did you know that Percussion Tapping or Touching on energy meridians or Chakra centers while breathing with intention actually releases endorphins and raises serotonin levels in the body?

~The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy. By Cyndi Dale.

For references pertaining to scientific studies and theories discussed in Cyndi Dale’s articles, please see the “Notes” section at the conclusion of her book, The Subtle Body.


Using tapping or touching and breathing  is like having a built-in de-stressor. One that has only positive effects, and one that works quickly.

Take a few moments now to learn how to do this simple tap or touch and breathe technique. This is sure to soothe any mood, shift you away from fear, frustration, or anger and move you towards a calmer, more peaceful you.

A note about your breathing during this exercise, breathe very slowly, gently and from the lower part of your lungs…do not force or quicken your breathing. If you are uncertain about the effects that this exercise may have on you, then, consult with your health care professional first. Take responsibility for yourself.

Note: This EFT script / tapping guide assumes that you know the basics of EFT including the EFT points and also if you choose to use the Chakras…that you know their location.  If you do not, please contact me or go to my web site at for more information.

STEP 1: Get a general sense of how anxious, overwhelmed, sad, angry or down etc. you feel –measuring 1 to 10 or low, med or high; or for a child…how wide apart the hands are spread to indicate larger size. This type of measuring is not essential but helps you know where you are in the process.

STEP 2: Identify where you feel this emotion in your body. Or identify any discomfort or tension associated with the feelings – this could be an anxious ball in the stomach, tightness or constriction  in the chest, a tense or stiff neck or a constricted ball or obstructed feeling in the throat. Get a general feeling of this discomfort – low, med or high. You can also describe by size, shape, or color.

STEP 3: Tap as usual on the karate chop and body points. Or touch your fingers to the karate chop and EFT body points; or the Chakra centers. However, instead of saying EFT statements, just slowly and fully breathe in and out as indicated below. As are you are tapping, or just touching, close your eyes and put your attention on your breathing and notice what’s happening in your body.

An interesting yoga type variation is to breathe in through your nose and at the same time, imagine you are breathing in through the bottom of your feet and then exhale gently from your lungs and out your nose.

Please remember, do not force, but rather allow your breathing to happen, just make it full, easy and slow, allowing your stomach to expand when you breath in and contract when you breath out. Also, if you can, take a moment to pay attention to the stillness during the pause at the top and bottom of each breath.

When you are learning this technique, keep your eyes open to read the instructions. However, when you have the process memorized, then proceed with your eyes closed. This helps you to connect to your body’s sensations and allows you to listen to your body talking/communicating to you.

Touch each EFT point below with three or four fingers of one or both hands; or with the palm of your hand or hands.

ROUND 1: Set Up and Sequence

(KC) KarateChop hold side of hand in opposite palm – slow, full breath in and out
(KC)KarateChop hold side of hand in opposite palm–  slow, full breath in and out
(KC)KarateChop hold side of hand in opposite palm– slow, full breath in and out

(TH) Top of Head(palms over Crown Chakra) slow, full breath in and out

(EB) Eyebrows and Center of forehead(palms over Third Eye Chakra) slow, full breath in and out

(SE) Side of eye(palms over Temples) slow, full breath in and out

(UE) Under Eye at top of cheek(palms over  Eyes and Cheeks) slow, full breath in and out
(UN) Under nose – slow, full breath in and out
(CH) Chin crease – slow, full breath in and out

(palm of one hand over Throat Chakra)… (palm of other hand over Occipital center by placing hand at back of head above neck) – slow, full breath in and out

(CB) Collar Bone Points – slow, full breath in and out

(palms over Heart Chakra) – slow, full breath in and out

(UA) Under the Arm – slow, full breath in and out

(palms over Solar Plexus Chakra) – slow, full breath in and out

(L) Liver point – slow, full breath in and out

(palms over Reproductive/Creative Chakra) below belly button – slow, full breath in and out

(palms over Root/Base Chakra) at buttocks or genital area or on hips – slow, full breath in and out

(WR) palms holding Wrists Inside and Outside or holding the end of each Finger in opposite palm – slow, full breath in and out

Additional Note: As I mentioned, this technique is so easy because we’re only focusing on touching  and breathing and not saying anything. However, you may add phrases to emphasize your feelings or your focus if you would like to.

After completing a full round of touching or tapping and breathing, put your hands down at your side or on your lap. Take one more breath in and out and make it a little fuller and a bit longer.

Now, continue breathing normally and move your hands and feet, Stretch. You may yawn or release some energy. Then open your eyes.

During the process, it often happens that something specific come up in your mind, possibly an old memory or trauma. You can come back to that at another time or tap on that after completing this exercise. Either way,  write it into your treatment journal and tap on it later using one of the many EFT Techniques, other chosen tapping approach.

During this simple form of touch or tapping you may also get some clarity about something that is on your mind or receive an answer to a problem that you have been concerned about. Tuning into the body while breathing into or tapping on the end points of the energy meridians or on the charkas is a powerful tool for growth and for change!

STEP 4: Check in with where you initially felt the discomfort or tension in your body. Notice if the level has increased, stayed the same or decreased. If it hasn’t decreased to a satisfactory level, repeat the touching and breathing until you have found the desired relief.

STEP 5: When the sensation in your body has reached a more comfortable level, check the intensity of the emotion you had initially i.e. anxiety, worry, overwhelm etc. Chances are the intensity has gone down or it is no longer there.

STEP 6: Focus your intention on what you would like to be feeling now. Find that feeling like Joy or Happiness or Love from a previous experience and let that joy flow through you, and breathe it into every cell, nerve, and fiber of your body.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn. I hope you will receive benefit from using this technique…. I know I do!


This material is for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for traditional medical attention, counseling, therapy or advice from a qualified health care professional. Neither EFT, Chakra breathing, nor the information here is intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder.