EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques

“All problems were once solutions.”

~Milton Erikson


EFT– ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’- Meridian-based energy techniques that are now being recognized as a powerful yet non-invasive and gentle method of healing.

EFT, as well as other ‘Energy Healing’, meridian, chakra, and mind/body techniques are now also being integrated into other healing models with great success.

EFT brings together acupressure, body awareness, breath, applied kinesiology, hypnosis, matrix and multiple energy field therapies, regression and neurolinguistics. This amazing procedure is like an elegant and simplified form of acupuncture but without the needles.

By focusing on an emotional feeling and and touching, tapping on a few points on the head and body, you can experience relief from issues held in the mind and body, often as far back as early childhood, and also issues that are happening right now.

The acupoints are ‘tapped’ in sequence while you revisit memories, stresses or fears and recall the associated feelings. Sometimes revisiting these memories is too difficult, so we approach these memories with creative techniques which allow us to remove the trauma without any pain and few tears. In this way, you can experience relief without suffering the trauma all over again, which may occur using other modalities.

While doing EFT,  we will also explore old beliefs or ineffective ways of dealing with stress and emotions. We can identify and change these old views. This reframing, results in greater objectivity, understanding, self-empowerment and inner peace.

The sequence of tapping will be taught to you so that you may treat yourself, or you may choose to work with our very experienced , advanced practitioner on your issues.

Give yourself the gift of freedom! Check the calendar, call or email us and schedule today for a group or individual session.

We can also do EFT quite effectively over the phone, which can be an important convenience to those who are living far from here, for those who need to contact us while at work, or for those who prefer to have a session from the privacy of their home.

Occasionally use of EFT results in a “One Session Wonder” and the problem will be resolved in one session. More often, the process is like peeling an onion, where we uncover many layers each session.

This, however, still results in extraordinary outcomes for the most part, that are much more rapid than current psychoanalytical and chemical treatment models which often continue for many years.

And this also means less expense in the long run not only in money but in quality of life.  Not only that very important value, but in addition,  the client will have the tools and the techniques at their fingers to use every day for all kinds of issues for themselves and their family.

So give yourself the gift of Emotional Freedom!

Don’t wait any longer.

We love it when we see that look of awed wonder on the faces of our clients! And we hear them say, “Wow! I can’t believe it! That’s amazing!”

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