Services/Healing Modalities

Below is a description of many of the services that we offer.

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EFT– ’Emotional Freedom Techniques’- Meridian-based energy techniques that bring together applied kinesiology, hypnosis, acupressure and neurolinguistics. This non-invasive procedure is like an elegant and simplified form of acupuncture but without the needles. By focusing on an emotional feeling and and touching, tapping on a few points on the head and body, You can experience wonderous relief. The acupoints are ‘tapped’ in sequence while you revisit memories, stresses or fears and recall the associated feelings. You can experience relief without suffering the trauma all over again, which may occur using other modalities. While doing EFT,  we will also explore old beliefs or ineffective ways of dealing with stress and emotions, identify and change these old views. This reframing, results in greater objectivity, understanding, self-empowerment and inner peace. The sequence of tapping will be taught to you so that you may treat yourself, or you may choose to work with a practitioner on your issues. Give yourself the gift of freedom! Check the calendar, call or email us and schedule today for a group or individual session. EFT can also be done quite effectively over the phone or webcam.

Massage therapy is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of normalizing those tissues and consists of a group of manual techniques that include applying fixed or movable pressure, holding, and/or causing movement of or to the body. While massage therapy is applied primarily with the hands, sometimes the forearms or elbows are used. These techniques affect the muscular, skeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, and other systems of the body. The basic philosophy of massage therapy embraces the concept of vis Medicatrix naturae, which is aiding the ability of the body to heal itself, and is aimed at achieving or increasing health and well-being. Styles of massage that we provide include: Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports, Medical/Therapeutic/Structural, Reflexology, Acupressure, Pregnancy, Preemies, Infants and Children.

Energy Medicine Lectures & Workshops- A variety of techniques from throughout the world are covered which focus on the balancing, restoring or enhancing of the Human Energy Field.  We will be exploring some of the many techniques that have been in use over thousands of years, such as Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese or Ayurveda (India) systems, as well as in hundreds of indigenous systems of energy or ’spiritual’ healing.  Some modern day techniques (many of which are integrated to combine with some of the older techniques in different ways) include: EFT; Meditation; Acupressure; Touch For Health Kinesiology; Craniosacral; Polarity Therapy; Healing Touch; Quantum Touch; Therapeutic Touch; Reiki; Jin Shin Jyutsu; Hypnosis; Sound Therapy; Light Therapy; Shamanic Journeying; Dream Quest; Life Coaching. Check the calendar, call or email us and plan to spend some time with us.

Releasing Phobias and Fears- This series of workshops will provide participants with tools to free themselves from body stress responses or patterns of behavior that are maladaptive and no longer serve to protect the individual. Many fears or phobias originated in response to an experience that was upsetting or traumatic and which caused an emotional feeling of discomfort or distress. Each later exposure to a similar feeling, alerted the body to a more exaggerated fear or an increased avoidance behavior of that feeling or stressor. Thus, the original protective solution now has become a greater problem for the individual than the original stressing event. In our work with the client, we approach treatment with a “painless process”. No re-traumatizing procedures. No painful “exposures” to your dreaded fears. We will “sneak up on the problem” and relieve the feelings as we go. You will be amazed at how light and unburdened you will feel without the weight of your traumas, your worries and your rituals. You have suffered long enough! Give yourself the gift of freedom with techniques such as EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques. Check the calendar, call or email us and schedule today for a group or individual session.

Meditation– There are many forms of meditation, all of which are ways to calm the mind and body through conscious breathing and learning to be ‘present’.   Some of the benefits may include lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, improved immune response, increased awareness, memory and creativity, greater ability to deal with stress, reduced anxiety, help with pain management, and even deeper spiritual insights.  Some forms of meditation include: guided meditation, creative imagery, moving meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Shamanic journeying, and dozens of other forms including Buddhist, Christian and Yogic meditation practices that go back thousands of years. Check the calendar, call or email us and plan to spend some time with us.

Holistic Pet Care– Incorporating a variety of holistic approaches- EFT, Reiki, Reflexology, Nutrition, Herbs and Acupressure to help our furry friends (or feathered or scaled!) to heal naturally.  More than people, animals often have a wonderful ability to recover from traumas or sickness if we can help them to relax and re-boot their natural healing defenses.  This will be facilitated at Putnam Healing Arts on specific days (see calendar) where the pet and owner can come and take part together! (Please be aware- we would like to provide for your pet and your safety, so it is important to let us know in advance when and who you are bringing, so there are no conflicts between people, pets or otherwise…)


Reiki– Reiki means spiritually guided life energy. It is a form of energy healing. Reiki is a combination of ancient Indian, Chinese, and Japanese philosophy and teaching. Reiki as we most often define it today, refers to Usui Reiki Ryoho. This is the form of Reiki most known and in use throughout the world. It came about through an experience of enlightenment of the Japanese healer Dr. Usui in the 1920’s. These are the techniques and knowledge he gained during a twenty one day retreat on Mt. Kurama. He called it Usui Reiki Ryoho to differentiate it from the other Reiki healing methods in use at the time.  Reiki involves the attuned practitioner’s hands moving slowly and with intention over or on a person’s body, where the energy (of Universal origin) flows through the hands and to the areas that the person’s body requires.  It is believed to aid natural healing in the body, mind and spirit of the person being treated.  Self treatment is also possible.  The goal is to allow the universal energy to help re-balance areas of the body’s energy system that have been depleted or have gone out of balance. So check the calendar, call or email us and schedule today for a group or individual session.

Touch For Health Kinesiology– A healing modality that began in the 1960’s through the field of Chiropractic medicine by Dr. George Goodheart.  It was observed that by using manual muscle-strength testing , the body could inform us of the energy balances in the body. The muscles of the body thus give feedback on the functional status of the body and into the energy systems of the body.  Through the skilled recognition of deficits, energy depletions can be corrected. By working with the body’s meridians, lymphatic system, neurolymphatic points, and acupressure points, the body is restored to a state of optimal health for that individual.  After the body is in a balanced state, then a goal is set or a question is posed to the body to determine how true it feels to the body, how much in alignment the statement is with the body’s energy system. Then, much like the way a lie detector works, the body reveals the truth of the statement. For example, a query is posed, (such as “this chocolate is good for me”) while gently determining if the statement produces a change in the body’s response. At Putnam Healing Arts, we incorporate Touch for Health (TFT) and muscle testing at times as a tool to indicate: food allergies, hydration factors, fears and self doubts and other underlying issues or beliefs which may be preventing you from reaching your goals. Touch for Health is a highly effective yet non intrusive treatment modality which also supports EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques. So check the calendar, call or email us and schedule today for a group or individual session.

Hypnosis– A technique in which the practitioner guides a person into a state of deep relaxation, to assist them to heal. Hypnosis helps us to bypass the critical factor, the negative self-talk that we all have at times. In this way we can access the subconscious in an effective way. This allows the person to move through physical, mental, emotional or spiritual barriers, to enhance performance, memory, clarity, intuition, or to discover deeper insights.  There are a variety of approaches, many involving the use of EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques in regressing painlessly to old traumas and releasing the emotional grip of the trauma, others involve a gentle placement of the hand on the person’s head, arm or upper chest to anchor positive affirmations and beliefs more deeply while the person is comfortable and in deep relaxation.  A person may also request that no touch be used. Or, in this case, breathing techniques or self-imagined touch may also be used.  At no time is the person acting without his or her own ability or control. In fact, hypnosis will only work when a person is ready to make changes on some level for themselves.  It is also effective in working through traumas, phobias and old negative belief patterns.  Hypnosis or Hypno-EFT can be scheduled at Putnam Healing Arts in individual sessions as well as in group sessions; please see calendar for upcoming groups and call or email for an appointment.

Herbalism– An approach to healing the body where medicinal and nutritive plants and their parts, are given or combined to assist the body in its healing process.  Herbalism is one of the oldest and most widely used medicinal systems in the world. Herbal preparation classes and plant recognition will be held (see calendar).  Individual sessions can be scheduled, and a variety of teas, tinctures, and dried herbs are made available through Putnam Healing Arts. We will also host workshops on how to stock the family’s medicine cabinet with self prepared herbal remedies. Classes will be scheduled at Putnam Healing Arts in individual classes as well as in group class; please see calendar for upcoming classes and call or email for an appointment.

Reflexology– A system of tissue manipulation on the bottom of the foot, on the hands and also the face and ear, and the many locations on the body where specific points and regions correlate to other organs, tissues, muscles, bones, meridians, and energy centers of the body.  This system was originally called Zone Therapy and was further developed in the 1930s and 1940s by Eunice D. Ingham-a nurse and physiotherapist.  It has some similar benefits to traditional massage as well as earlier roots in Chinese medicine, but is a technique with it’s own diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines.  It is very relaxing and can be used by almost everyone, including infants and the elderly; the only contraindication is that specific points for pregnant women be avoided.  Classes and individual sessions are available. Check the calendar, for upcoming groups and call or email for an appointment.

Empowerment and Creativity Workshop– Today we have many things competing for our attention and it is easy to lose sight of our dreams and goals.  Taking the time to honor what we are being guided to do is a first step. Join a group or workshop and discover, using powerful techniques, your great potential, your creativity, and your power. Learn ways to realize your performance, your goals and your dreams.  Check the calendar, for upcoming groups and call or email. If you’d rather work individually in the privacy of a 1:1 session, then contact us today for an appointment.

Earth-Centered Healing Traditions– A series of speakers, techniques and events are being planned to include the wisdom traditions of people who have the earth at the center of their belief in healing body, mind and spirit.  Some are indigenous or native peoples who we are honored to share space with; others are respected teachers and shamans of a variety of backgrounds, called to the tradition they practice by spirit. We honor all men and women of integrity who share the respect for the sacred in the natural world, and who see a special role for human beings to maintain and restore the balance of nature.  Check the calendar for upcoming events, to include specific healing traditions and spiritual rituals of various peoples.

Holistic Health Consultation For Homes, Businesses, and Institutions– Utilizing many years of work in energy healing modalities, intutional skills, and many years of caring for people with a combined nursing experience in mental health, pediatrics, community health and a variety of other areas, Mag and Michelle will assess the needs of your home, place of business, school or medical facility to integrate holistic health principles that enhance each place and the quality of life for those who enter there.  A number of areas serve to give us a unique approach; some influences include the Planetree Nursing paradigm, the Green Movement and organics, as  well as certain principles of Feng Shui.  It is important to address ’sick building syndrome’ through recognizing the need for a healthy environment, especially within the workplaces, homes, and schools where we spend much of our time. Good quality air, water and the sensible use of design and color can create a healing place.  Mag and Michelle also provide space ‘blessings’ in keeping with their belief in the Holism of body, mind and spirit.

Future subjects of lectures/classes/groups/workshops– EFT; Tapping Into Intuition; Improving Relationships; Abundance; Kinesiology and Muscle Testing; Holistic Techniques For Mother and Child; Permaculture; Sacred World Healing Traditions; Dance and Movement; Drumming; Art That Heals;  Craniosacral Therapy; Polarity Therapy; The Green Business Model; Biomimicry; Holistic Peer Network meeting; Sensory Integration and Brain Gym;Shamanism and Animal Totems; Kirtan

Yoga– An Indian wisdom tradition involving various meditative, postural and dietary practices for health and spiritual enlightenment.  Specifically, yoga postures and breathwork are taught through a number of yoga schools (most commonly ‘Hatha’ yoga in Western society-which means ‘breath’).  The goal is to allow the body to be limber, remove toxins, deepen oxygenation, and aid energy flow and retention through the chakras and nadis (respectively ‘wheels’ and ‘tubes’). These are believed to be the centers where the body metabolizes universal and subtle personal energy.  The benefits of practicing yoga are: increased clarity and focus, greater calm and reduction of anxiety, greater stress management, reduced cholesterol, improved heart rate and blood pressure, increased energy, deeper spiritual awareness, increased immunity and numerous other physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.  It is a practice that can be done in groups or by oneself, once the various postures, called ‘asanas’ are learned.