A Welcome


Putnam Healing Arts is an integrative center for Holistic health where we celebrate the natural healing ability of mind, body and spirit. We are Mag Treanor and Michelle Vitner, a mother and daughter who are fulfilling our dream of working together.  We bring our skills as nurses, as a Massage Therapist and an Energy Healer and Hypnosis Practitioner, as well as our knowledge in natural holistic modalities to the community with the gratitude and awareness that the term ‘healer’ applies to the innate potential within all living beings. It is a process that occurs daily in every living cell of our bodies. We work within a Wellness model.

We offer methods for stress reduction, for enhancing joy, creativity, intuition and personal empowerment as well as for expanding how we think about ourselves and the world. Some of our most popular offerings are: Massage Therapy; Guided, Directed, Creative, and Meditative imaging and visualizations; meridian based healing modalities such as Acupressure, EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques, Healing and Emotion Code, Applied Kinesiology;  Reiki- a gentle form of Chakra energy balancing; Vibrational, Light, Sound, and Color therapies; NLP-Neuro Linguistic Programming; Hypnosis.

Please contact us at: mag@putnamhealingarts.com and michelle@putnamhealingartsmassage.com for more information, or for any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you!